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GRANADA. A city of old world charm full of breathtaking views of the Alhambra around every turn. It's Moorish past creates a unique culture blended with it's traditional Spanish present. Free tapas, vibrant nightlife, Flamenco, and evening strolls to slow down time and enjoy the illuminated Alhambra make Granada an incredible destination for all.


Granada is Known For


A world icon that impresses day and night no matter how many times you see it.

Free Tapas

Tapas are free at many bars around the city, making Granada the premier place to indulge.


You can find your scene from tapas at 9pm, chupeterias and bars at midnight to discotecas until daylight breaks.

Moorish History

The Moorish influences can be seen from the Alhambra to the Albaicin.

Top Attractions in Granada

Granada Travel Inspiration

Alhambra Generalife

Alhambra Generalife

Arab Baths

Arab Baths

Teterias (Tea Bars)

Teterias (Tea Bars)

Walks through the Albaicin

Walks through the Albaicin



Churros Con Chocolate

Churros Con Chocolate

Inside the Alhambra

Inside the Alhambra



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Regional Attractions

<center>Costa del Sol</center>

Costa del Sol

1 Hour Drive

<center>Mezquita Cordoba</center>

Mezquita Cordoba

2 Hour 10 Minute Drive

<center>Rock of Gibraltar</center>

Rock of Gibraltar

2 Hour 45 Minute Drive



2 Hour 40 Minute Drive



3 Hour Drive



3 Hour 45 Minute Drive



4 Hour 15 Minute Drive

<center>Algarve Coast</center>

Algarve Coast

5 Hour Drive



3 Hour 45 Drive + Ferry Ride

Granada Map